Imitation Double Plug Socket Wall Safe Security Secret Hidden Stash Box


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  • Looks like a real Double Plug Socket
  • Fake front socket size: 85mm high x 146mm wide x 14mm thick
  • Supplied with all screws and Plugs
  • Draw is made of metal, not like other socket safes in market
  • Even the on/off switches appear to be real and move
Protect your valuables in your home in our wall safe that fronts as a double plug socket. Fits into standard Cavity Brick Walls ( check your wall measurements before buying with the product measurements to be sure this will fit your application ). This is a cost effective and fast solution to the security of your small valuables, jewellery and cash. Fitted quickly, nobody would know this double plug socket is in fact a wall safe. To add additional authenticity, a power cable fitted with a standard 13 amp plug can be glued into one of the power sockets with the power cable tucked under a nearby rug, or behind a cabinet. SUPPLIED WITH FITTING INSTRUCTIONS, RAWL PLUGS, FITTING SCREWS AND KEY. Fronts as a double Plug Socket Even the on / off switches appear to be real Tough Powder Coated Steel rear casing, screws inside a standard cavity wall Supplied with all screws and Rawl Plugs Operates with a key through the right hand “earth” socket Dimensions: Cavity box (Size of Hole in wall needed) (H x W x D): 77 x 138 x 139mm External including white double plug front (H x W x D): 86 x 146 x 150mm Internal draw (H x W x D): 60 x 124 x 129mm. Please check this will fit your requirements before buying as buyer will be responsible for all postage costs Net Weight: 1.2 Kg Capacity : 1.0 Litre

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