ActiPatch Muscle and Joint Pain Therapy Device


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“ActiPatch is a new and clinically proven drug free
technology in the fight against chronic pain. This innovative technology is in
the form of a small, light wearable microelectronic medical device. The device
emits a pulsating electromagnetic field that penetrates the body without
sensation or heat to induce an electric field in the affected joint and
tissue. This novel electric field therapy reduces acute and chronic pain and
inflammation. ActiPatch relieves chronic and acute pain due to muscle and
joint soreness, strains and sprains, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more. Safe
to use for diabetics, arthritics, elderly and people with compromised renal
function. Can be combined with any medication and used overnight ” Directions
“Directions Step 1: Remove the device and wrap from the plastic bags. To
activate the device, peel the white adhesive tab back from the module. This
will expose the silver coloured push button. Do not discard the white tab as
you can cover the button with it to make sure the push button isn’t accidently
pressed. Step 2: Push the silver button and hold it down for about 2 seconds
(you should hear a click). Once the device is activated, there will be a green
LED light on the opposite side of the device. If the green LED light is not on
please repeat step 2. Step 3: Position the wire loop directly over the area of
pain. The therapeutic area is within the wire loop. For Best Results: Wear
continuously until pain diminishes or for a minimum of 8 hours daily. You may
cover the silver coloured push button with the white tab for storage. What you
will feel when using the device – Only better! the ActiPatch device is
sensation and odour free, has no ingredients, is non-medicated and can be used
with other medications. The only thing you feel is pain relief!” See all
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  • ActiPatch uses Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy to relieve pain and inflammation. Drug free-clinically proven, safe and effective.
  • Low level and safe electromagnetic pulses stimulate cells to speed recovery
  • Small, convenient and economical patch for personal use
  • Long lasting: 720 hours of controlled use with unique On/Off switch
  • Safe to use for diabetics, arthritics, elderly and people with a compromised renal function.

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  • Weight: 72 Grams
  • Brand: ActiPatch
  • Shipping Weight: 136 g
  • Date First Available: 18 Feb. 2014

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